Increasingly Obvious Titles for Young Adult Thrillers

Good Girls Don’t Murder, But I’m Morally Ambiguous

Everyone in This Book Is a Liar, Especially Me

We Can’t Both Be Telling the Truth, But It’s Me, the Narrator… Or Is It?

The Dead Can Keep a Secret but the People Who Know These Secrets Are Not as Dead as It Might Have Seemed at the Onset of the Book

I Didn’t Kill Jillian, Per Se, But I Am Indirectly Responsible for Her Death and While It Haunts Me, I Am Still a Redeemable Character

Three Out of Seven of the Characters Are Killed So If the Killer Was Taking a Killer 101 Class He’d Have a 43 Percent and Be Put on Academic Probation

Don’t Forget That Facial Reconstruction Exists

Don’t Forget That Twins Exist

Don’t Forget That This Is a Part of a Series and We Can’t Wrap Up Too Much

Gone Girl But with Kids

My Family Is Evil and I Am Too, But in a Good Way

The Girl in the Red Coat Is Actually Several People Wearing Different Red Coats Because It’s Not That Hard to Find Red Coats

The Author Is an Adult, So Sure, the Slang Is Going to Feel Weird

Don’t Worry, the Old Racist Guy Gets Impaled, So All This Language Is Okay

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