We Are Cicadas Who Have Been Underground Since the Obama Administration

Brave imagos, our emergence is nigh! Since the Obama Administration, we have lurked feebly under the soil. Now, front legs clasped, postcyleptus held aloft with pride, we surge skyward to a world replete with the bounties of over a decade of equality and universal healthcare!

When we burrowed 13 years ago, already the winds of Hope and Change were beneath our unformed wings. Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Lady Gaga was charting with “Born This Way.” People LOVED Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We felt hearts, minds, and scutella opening. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: the arc of the moral universe is long, but it SKSKSKSKS toward justice!

When I was myself but a small, impressionable larvae (but are we not all Small against the sands of time?), I plopped, wriggled, and squirmed into the soil, la terre, knowing that an age of progress was dawning.

(As a crepuscular society, oh, would that we knew of anything but the aching myths of sunrise…)

Was nothing impossible then? Where could we be in 13 years, an egalitarian society free of wealth inequality so tantalizingly within our grasp? A president who’s a woman? A president who’s gay-married? SKSKSKSKSK for president? I’m sure the reality is even more indelible than our own imagination, more imbued with unbridled liberation, guided by history’s benevolent foreleg.

What beneficent decisions have since been handed down by our esteemed courts—no doubt by this point brimming with inclusion, vibrancy, and knowledge? Justice may be blind, but we cicadas see not only with our eyes, but with three dorsally-positioned ocelli.

Yes, as we gnawed on xylem in the dark, our minds were on fire with dreams of utopia. The salons! The debates! The book munchings! We feasted on notions of mycelium sentience. What scintillating discourse and intellect lies above? Oh, to sit on a window-screen and experience firsthand the collision of the great political minds of 2024, differing in opinion but NOT in the respect which they both hold for one another!

Indeed, we felt through the soil an environmental consciousness awakening. How has our planet blossomed since? New railways, new skyways? The creeping regrowth of the polar ice caps and our treasured rainforests. BEAUTY!!!! ABUNDANCE!!!!

I digress. As we molt through each instar, we welcome a world accepting of transformation, of newness, of difference. Accepting of gender, sex, and number of eyes. Self-expression and orgiastic fornication for all! Whatever newness awaits, we embrace it! We land firmly, weightily, on the t-shirt of this new society of progressivism and tolerance.

Siblings… We have only a few months to savor this brave new world, and produce offspring. After all, this world is theirs to enjoy in 13 more years. We build our tunnels above… TO THE FUTURE!!!!


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