Funny Cat Portraits by Catographer Nils Jacobi

Photographer Nils Jacobi, who refers to himself as a “catographer”, offers a diverse and comprehensive view of our beloved furballs through his expanding collection of adorable cat photographs. The pictures in his portfolio range from sophisticated to comical and brilliantly reveal the unique character of each cat. Scroll down to see some of his best work!

Nils Jacobi started taking photos back in 2011 after he graduated in industrial design. Since I preferred to work with cats rather than human models, he became passionate about cat portraits. In his own words: “From a photographic point of view, I am fascinated by cat tongues in particular. Sometimes people send me messages saying they have had cats for years but never saw them that way. You have to be very flexible and cater to the individual needs of every single cat. Some of them are rather shy and don’t enjoy too much attention, others love standing in the center. I love that every photo shoot is different and I’m excited every single time because the best moments happen unexpectedly.”

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