20 Funny Coffee Mugs All Your Coworkers Will Envy

Why settle for a boring coffee mug when you can start your day with a laugh? A funny coffee mug is a great conversation starter! Imagine the look on your co-worker’s face when they see you sipping from a mug that says “You have just been poisoned” or “I am a ray of f***ing sunshine”. Scroll down to check out our top picks for the “Funniest coffee mug of all time” award!

Are you a freak in the sheets? Well now you could be a freak in the Excel sheets with this coffee mug. Would also be a great gift for the accountant with a sense of humor. Do accountants with a sense of humor even exist? We are not sure…

Strike fear into your guest by offering them a perfectly normal mug of coffee. Then watch their face as they slowly realize you’ve done the most dastardly act of all! The heat-reactive surface of this mug reveals the hidden text once the mug gets warm. The ceramic cup will go back to its original black outside and white inside when it cools down.

A coffee mug for your grumpy, sleep-deprived zombie coworker during early morning meetings. Just taking a sip of morning brew from I am a ray of f***ing sunshine coffee mug will suddenly transform your coworker into a perky, chipper early bird, ready to tackle the day with a smile… or maybe not. Probably not.

The I was left unsupervised coffee mug is the perfect way to avoid responsibility for your actions at work. Just take a sip and point to the mug as if to say “Don’t blame me, I have a disclaimer”. It’s like a legal loophole in the form of a coffee cup. It’s the ultimate excuse for when you accidentally delete the company’s entire customer database or turn the office into a snowball fight arena.

Here’s to you and your day ahead! Have a great one, won’t you? A passive-aggressive’s delight, this mug lets you choose that exact appropriate moment to take a swig… and expose a middle finger. If you buy this have a nice day mug and it gets you fired, don’t blame this site.

Being overworked is like sitting in a burning building, except the only fire extinguisher is a cup of coffee. Sure, it might not put out the flames, but at least it’ll give you the jolt you need to keep from completely getting burned out. You may even think that this is fine for a moment.

Sometimes it feels like coworkers need a daily dose of inspiration to not do dumb stuff. Maybe they should have a poster of a brain in the break room with the caption “Use me!” or a sign on their computer that says “Think before you click!”. Or better yet, a coffee mug that says that they should keep the dumb stuff to a minimum.

Why would you want to waste time working on your own stuff when you can help solving your coworker’s problems? It’s so much satisfying and fulfilling! Keep your coworkers informed about it with this totally non-sarcastic coffee mug!

There are only two options: either coffee does make you poop, or it doesn’t… but it most probably does. This poop coffee mug may bear a simple catchphrase, but it will leave a lasting impression on all those sipping coffee around you. They will surely appreciate your honesty.

Sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and a few dunkable cookies is one of life’s great pleasures. The problem is you need somewhere to shove said cookies prior to dunking. Enter the ingenious Cookie Monster mug with a cookie slot. Clever, eh!

This miniature version of the classic coffee pot used by diners across US is a pretty funny and clever idea. A set of these would look great in an office or as functional home decor in your kitchen.

Shakespearean insults coffee mug lets you insult your coworkers with style. Why say “you are an idiot” when you can say “you goatish half-faced maggot pie”!

In case you are looking for a less aggressive way to confront the office each morning, this mug is covered in beautiful succulents but with a sharp wit. It’s perfect for the plant lover but also ideal for anyone who needs to express their inner angst without using the F word (which could earn you a trip to Karen from HR).

Anger management dropout coffee mug is a great way to remind your coworkers that they should not mess with you. For the maximum effect also start a rumor that you got dropped from anger management courses because you couldn’t stop grinding my teeth in rage and demanding for a blood sacrifice.

Coffee mug that you hold and it holds you right back? Why not. Sometimes, when you feel lonely, it’s nice to just think about how you could hold hands with someone and feel the comforting warmth of their hand. That’s probably the story behind this weird yet quite ingenious holding hands mug.

If not for the hilariously tiny hands, T-Rex would probably will still be alive. The creator of this mug has come up with a pretty clever solution. We actually had a series of illustrations which show the daily struggle of T-Rex that we published a while ago, so make sure to check it out.

Avid gamers know that caffeine and gaming go hand-in-hand, so why not combine both in your skillful hands? Then, refill when you see “GAME OVER” at the bottom. This gaming coffee mug will be a perfect gift for your coworker who’s into gaming. Just make sure he or she is into console gaming, not PC gaming.

For that one coworker just doesn’t know when to keep their private life to themselves. They’re like a human version of a reality TV show, always oversharing the most intimate details of their relationships, health, and finances. Since flat out saying “Shut up!” is not appropriate, this coffee mug should do the job.

You probably have that one annoying coworker that’s always trying to forward you their job. They must think you have a magic button that says “Take my work and make it disappear!” This coffee mug will make them back off.

There is a wide range of tits out there in the world and this mug captures only few distinct varieties. One may call this selection, a “collection of nice tits”. Even if they’re not a birdwatcher this mug is sure to go down well with dad or anyone else that loves dadjokes. Obviously, nice tits coffee mug is also a great gift for bird lovers.

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