Kitlers: Cats That Look Like Hitler

How did you end up here? Did you write in Google “Hitler cats” or “cats that look like Hitler”? Why would you search for such a weird thing? Are you really THAT bored at work? Anyways… Some cats just want to do the usual cat things like playing, sleeping, or catching birds. These cats, however, want to invade Poland. We call them Kitlers.

What’s the story behind “cats that look like Hitler” meme? Koos Plegt and Paul Neve back in the 2006 created a site  and it became widely known after being featured on several TV shows across Europe and Australia. Even Stephen Colbert mentioned the site in his “The Colbert Report” in July 2010. The site is seemingly no longer maintained, as the webpage has not been updated in a long time. That’s where we come in with this gallery featuring the latest and greatest Kitlers.

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