Crazy Fashion: This Instagram Collects It All

When looking at these crazy outfits collected by @HintMag, you can’t help but wonder if fashion designers are seriously suggesting that this is what people should wear, or they’re just making fun of everyone. This Instagram collects the finest examples of crazy fashion you can find online. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Why is high fashion so crazy? High fashion frequently receives the label “crazy” because it challenges accepted notions of what constitutes attractiveness and fashion. Instead of just making things that are useful or follow trends that are popular with the general public, high fashion designers strive to make avant-garde, cutting-edge pieces that are meant to inspire and challenge. This may produce works that are seen as “crazy” because they are visually striking, complicated, and occasionally unorthodox. High fashion is also frequently linked to exclusivity and luxury, which can add to the impression that it is extravagant and out of the ordinary.

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