Terrible Willy Wonka “Immersive Chocolate Experience” Goes Viral

When a real-life “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” event in Glasgow, Scotland, surfaced on the internet, many people rushed to buy a ticket for it to enjoy the experience with their kids. And who can blame them, the official website looks pretty good. But when they showed up for what was advertised as a “journey filled with wondrous creations and enchanting surprises at every turn,” they found a huge disappointment in a nearly empty warehouse. The story first hit the internet a when deeply unimpressed visitor Stuart Sinclair shared a complaint on Facebook, talking about the experience, which he described as an “absolute shambles of an event”.

When he and his family got there, it took them whole 2 minutes to find their way through, only to reach a huge crowd of complaining people. Inside, they were greeted by a mostly empty warehouse. The few decorations were few and far between. It all seemed like a badly executed con. Scroll down to check out the depressing pictures from Sinclair’s original Facebook post!

Since Stuart Sinclair wasn’t the only one to fall into this trap, people who felt wronged by this event banded together in a Facebook group titled House of Illuminati Scam, all demanding refunds and sharing relevant information to move the process forward. It didn’t take long for the story to spread further around the web, and the jokes were pouring in freely.

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