Lesser-Known Chess Openings

The Oregano Gambit
Basenji Defense
D’Artagnan Declined
Fried Poutine Attack
Michael Bolton System
Where’s Waldo Exchange
Rube Goldberg Accepted
Queenside Tuscaloosa
DeVry-Phoenix Main Line
The Jay Leno Trap
Bobsled Fianchetto
ASMR French
Mario Grand Prix Attack
Bozo Piano
Chips-Guac-Salsa Variation
Sicilian Badger
Vuvuzela Countergambit
The Shrek
Closed Stevedore
Freudian Najdorf
Bodega Catalan
Open Botanist Classical
Crypto Defense
Wayward Clown Attack
Djiboutian Dragon
Basquiat Advanced Variation
Electric Boogaloo Accelerated
The 4 Gnomes Opening
Stalag Mate

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