When “Your Password Is Insecure” vs. When “Your Password Is Confident”

Your Password Is Insecure: password
Your Password Is Confident: Password.Period.

Your Password Is Insecure: password1
Your Password Is Confident: JustPassword.IDontNeedNumbers.ICanStandOnMyOwn

Your Password Is Insecure: 123456789
Your Password Is Confident: ImAStr8Up10

Your Password Is Insecure: !@#$%^&*()
Your Password Is Confident: AllCharactersAreSpecialCharacters

Your Password Is Insecure: qwerty
Your Password Is Confident: QwertyFlirtyAndThriving

Your Password Is Insecure: picture1
Your Password Is Confident: PhotogenicAF1

Your Password Is Insecure: Harvard2016
Your Password Is Confident: NotDefinedByWhereIWentToCollege#StudentOfLife

Your Password Is Insecure: iloveyou
Your Password Is Confident: ILoveYou.ButILoveMeMore.

Your Password Is Insecure: WhyAmINeverGoodEnough?WhyAreYouAlwaysAskingMeToChange?ImTryingMyBest.ButItsSoHard.YouWantMeToIncorporateLettersAndNumbersAndSpecialCharacters.ButImNotAllowedToUseAllSpecialCharactersAndICantRepeatPreviouslyUsedPasswordsAndIfIForgetThisNewPasswordYoullLockMeOutAndMakeMeChangeAGAIN.DoYouHaveAnyIdeaHowHardThatIs?HowAmISupposedToPleaseYouWhenICanBarelyPleaseMyself?IWantYouToAcceptMeForMe.IJustWantToBeMe.
Your Password Is Confident: password

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